Blog Post #2: A House Full Of Love…

As a father and husband, I’m extremely proud of the work April and I have accomplished with our three sons, Ross, Royce and Joey. They’re kind, strong, nurturing young men. Over the years, we’ve done our best to include them in all we do. When April and I are invited to events, if the kids aren’t invited/allowed we usually don’t care to go. I get that some events are adult only, but generally speaking, I’d prefer spending time with my children than some of the adults at these events.

I think in our desire to “get away” as adults, we often see as our children as the thing we need an escape from. Even when we need quality time as adults, the intent should never be to escape our kids. They need us. The more time we invest in our relationships with them the deeper the bond will be as they grow into adults. And as we age and rely on them for care in our senior years, they’ll remember the love and care we put into them as children.

A by-product of the love we show our children is the environment we create for love to flourish within our homes. This love becomes the fertilizer for happier human beings. Our little people need this fertilization. While there will always be social, political and economic discourse in the universe, we have to ensure that the walls of our homes are reinforced barriers that keep those factors on the outside and as much love as possible on the inside. The love will always be the glue that holds it all together when we’re note completely dialed into our GPS (God Positioning System).

A few years ago as we were dropping Royce off for a school trip to Boston when Ross took a moment to give his brother a hug before he headed through security to board the plane. I was lucky to have my phone on me and captured this photo. It’s easily one of my favorites. It’s a constant reminder of the love they have for each other and how important it is to continue nurturing the environment where love continues to fertilize the rest of their journey. A house full of love is how we build a home.

Relationships, Love & Laughter… #AfterIdo