Blog Post #1: How It All Began!

I started blogging online more than seven years ago. I was looking for a way to reach an audience to build a following so that I could get back out on the road doing stand up comedy. No longer the twenty-something year old I used to be, I wasn’t willing to make outrageous videos pranking people or disrespecting myself to get attention. I struggled for a bit trying to find my way. As new platforms emerged and others found the grave, I was always encouraged by my wife, April. She just wanted me to hang in there. And keep trying. And hang in there I did. She encouraged me to try Facebook. I was reluctant at first, but gave it a shot. Started doing videos in the morning before work when I was employed as a writer on “Til Death”. I found in those early posts an audience waiting to connect with comics without the networks getting in the way. NBC, CBS, ABC, and the production companies and managers had put a bottleneck on the relationship between talent and consumers. But that was all about to change. And change it did.

Social media came along and kicked the door wide open. And while I wasn’t as adept at Tweeting, Youtubing and Snapchatting as the younger comics, I remained consistent. I hung in there. I learned to be a little quicker to the draw with my phone and hitting the record button. While on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard two years ago I just happened to record what we thought would be a romantic moment of April serenading me to a Floetry song, that was interrupted by the Royce singing and Ross praise dancing. We posted the video and it became our most viewed video, with over 1.5 million views and counting. But more important than the views, it introduced us to all of you, our family. And I don’t use the word family loosely.

Over the last two years, April has joined me and made a commitment to share snippets of our journey through our regular post, updates and Facebook Lives. Over the course of our eighteen-year marriage and twenty-four year relationship, we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of the institution of marriage, it’s impact on family and the critical role families play in building stronger communities and a stronger society. We’re hopeful you’ll continue to support us by liking the post, sharing our videos, purchasing a T-shirt or just helping us spread the word about the need to build stronger relationships, families and marriages. We’re a small operation, so please forgive us if we don’t respond immediately to a tweet, a DM or a request for information. With your help, we plan to grow into a national platform with all the support necessary to operate more efficiently. Many of you anticipate us coming to your town for speaking engagements, roundtable discussions, hikes, game nights and other opportunities to connect. We’re coming. In the meantime, continue to follow us on Facebook, Youtube and IG. And if you haven’t done so yet, please click on the email button and give us your email and zip code. We’ll be starting a regular Newsletter to keep our closest family members up to date. And the Newsletter will be our most effective way of reaching you. We promise not to spam you and you’ll only hear from us when we absolutely need to connect. Thanks in advance for your continued support and we’ll look forward to having you for the rest of the journey…. “After I do”.